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  1. This post really resonates with me because I just did the same thing. I’ve always had plans to travel after finishing my bachelor’s degree but my girlfriend signed up to this crazy adventure with me! We’ve just spent 4 months in Bilbao, Spain, and now we’ll be moving to Seoul in South Korea. The biggest issue for me has been work, too. I had plans to work, but as I was only in Bilbao for 4 months I wasn’t able to find work. I’m trying to get a working holiday visa so that during the 6 months in Korea I can find some temp work or something, which will be more difficult as although I speak Spanish I don’t speak that much Korean.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my post, Jazmin. How amazing that you have been living in Bilbao and now onto Seoul. What an incredible adventure! Luckily, we have been able to work here and my work is online, so being able to work for me isn’t a problem. It’s just finding the time these days!

  2. I totally understand the communication thing! I tend to not speak a lot in public or have to ask “Do you speak English?” first before I start ask questions in Thailand. I”m so jealous of all the places you’ve been in just 6 months living in Europe. However, I’m not willing to give up the good sushi here in Asia 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading & commenting, Stefanie! Yes, the English thing is huge. Now whenever I do hear English, my ears perk up and I get so excited 🙂 Asia would be such an amazing place to live for the food! Sounds delicious!

  3. I enjoyed your post especially the reasons and timeline.

  4. rachelmarcelle1 says:

    Prague seems amazing. I had a friend living there once and she really enjoyed. I find it kind of funny that the food you’re enjoying most there is Asian cuisine, lol! I also live as an expat in Egypt for 3 years and enjoyed it but was homesick and ready to go home by the end of the 3rd year, so I know how you feel. Ironically, I was homesick for the Egypt for the first year of being back in America! Hope you enjoy seeing the world!

    1. Thanks so much, Rachel! Yes, Prague is pretty amazing. There’s actually a very large Vietnamese community here so the Vietnamese food is excellent! So cool that you lived in Egypt and I can totally understand being homesick for both America and then Egypt.

  5. Ineya Hsu says:

    I absolutely loved this post and the Q&A format. I have moved to the USA around 6 months ago, so this really resonates with me. Especially the part that says to make better effort in meeting people. My husband and I have definitely stayed in our comfort zone (so easy now that we adopted a dog as well). So I guess next year we should try harder. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, Colin and I are exactly the same. We’re actually on the couch right now with our dog and it’s so easy to just stay here instead of going out to socialize. Good luck to both of us!

  6. Great post. My parents both moved to Canada from Germany in their 20s (met in Canada). It’s a brave and amazing thing to move way out of your comfort zone!

    1. Thanks so much! Very cool that your parents moved to Canada from Germany – big move!

  7. Always love your month in review blogs, and this time, even more exciting with a 6 months review! Loved the reminder of how you guys got to where you’re at, and the interview with you and Colin is so great! So interesting to get your view points and so handy to have the info/tips others can learn from. Glad you will make the most of the next 6 months and can’t wait to read about your next adventure.

    Back in BC all your friends and family miss you guys, but also very thrilled and excited you are living your dream and making the most of it! I live to read your blogs and hear all about the adventures you have been on. Love to you, Colin and Ellie too! ❤

    1. Thanks, moo! Looking forward to another six months of adventure but also coming back to everyone. Love you lots!

  8. sandraans says:

    I am reading your post and remembering the time, when I and my boyfriend, we moved to Berlin! All those feelings, emotions and stress were making us crazy but we are super happy to live now here! And for a travel-lovers like us, Berlin is also very central and we are traveling more and more. That’s great! I am very happy about you too! ♥

    1. Thanks so much for checking out the post! Yes, Berlin would be such an awesome spot too and it was on our short list as well. Glad you are loving it!

  9. Michelle Christie says:

    You’ve had such a blast these six months, wish my were even as half as exciting aha. I’d love to live abroad but my partner is such a home boy, he’d never consider it. Seeing your photo’s I can’t wait to visit Prague in March it looks so pretty!

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! We have certainly had a pretty amazing six months in Prague so far. I would consider myself a homebody too and so is Colin, so never say never. Maybe you could do it! And I hope you enjoy Prague when you’re here in March. Feel free to check out my itinerary post or get in touch if you need any tips.

  10. Immigrant Visas says:

    I love Prague such a picturesque city. I was amazed with the city the first time I have visited it and always come by when I’m visiting Europe. I never get tired with it’s beauty.

    1. Yes, Prague is so beautiful! We’re so lucky to be living here!

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