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  1. Okay, when I first read 40-70k people’s skeletons, it seemed gross or creepy and I wondered who decides for the deceased that’s what would be done with their bones, but then I thought perhaps a lot of people would think it’s cool and an honour to have their bones made into art so they are still involved in the society they lived and died at instead of just buried in the ground never to be seen and who knows, perhaps some people are claustrophobic and the thought of being buried 6 ft under all alone in the dark isn’t a pleasant thought. In the end, I just read on and admired the art work in the ossuary.

    Thanks again for posting these quick getaway opportunities. I think it’s great to share your experience so others in the area can do a side trip.

    I love the pictures you take, these ones with the landscape and Jesuit College to the side is especially breathtaking. Beautiful! ❤

    1. That’s a cool way to look at it! Would be a pretty cool honour if your skull got chosen to be the main one in the coat of arms or something 🙂 My understanding is that ossuaries start when there isn’t enough room to bury all the dead so they have to house the bones somewhere else. So why not turn them into art? Thanks for the compliments on my posts and photos – excited to share more!

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  3. MonkeysVentures says:

    What a wonderful macabre site! We would definitely love to spend some time strolling around Kutna Hora, and, of course, see the Ossuary. The creativity and work put into these exclusive designs (the chandelier… wow) is beyond words. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Definitely a cute little town with some cool and creepy places to discover!

  4. Lilo Pritchard says:

    Just by chance do you know the German name of this town. My parents are from this are, but at that time all the towns had German names specially in the Bohemian area. Thanks.

    1. Sorry, I don’t! But maybe you could Google it and find the name? That’s very interesting that this area all used to have German names. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Kerry Cowley says:

    How were you able to take pictures of the bone church? I thought photos weren’t allowed.

    1. Hi Kerry, thanks for checking out the post! I visited the Sedlec Ossuary in June 2019 and, as far as I can remember, photos were allowed. I just checked their website and didn’t see any notes about photography, but will see if I can get some more up to date info.

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