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  1. Awesome..keep the stories coming.

  2. Excellent article, just looking for information on this topic.

    1. Thanks! Hope you found it helpful 🙂

  3. Ahh! So exciting. We loved our time in Prague, and this post brought back such fond memories as well as a keen desire to return ASAP. I’m glad that you’re both settling in well. Just so you know, I am totally going to be living vicariously through you this year, even if I’m generally a month behind on your posts. 🤦🏼‍♀️Have a blast!

    1. Aww thanks so much, Gwen! Yes, we are really loving Prague and can’t wait to explore more.

  4. Enjoy it! A year will go so quickly, your head will spin. And you might end up looking for ways to extend the stay! Also, as someone who has lived abroad more than once now in her life, a warning: Once you’ve done it, you’ll want to do it again! Looking forward to reading about your adventures–

    1. Thanks, Leslie. You are so right! I can’t believe we’re already down to just over 10 months in Prague. And yes, I’m already thinking of ways to get us back to Europe long-term!

  5. Mariana Cervone says:

    hii!! i’m a student in London, and thinking of transferring to AAU in Prague! I really would love some insight on living in Prague! Any help would be super appreciated! I’m Brazilian, however I grew up in Portugal & Qatar, and now I just completed freshman year in London.
    I would like to know about the weather, the people and the life in general, in Prague!

    1. Hi Mariana! Thanks so much for reading this post and finding my blog. Very cool that you’re thinking about studying in Prague. I would say the weather is pretty moderate. This past winter it didn’t get cold enough to really snow, there’s not a lot of rain, etc. The summer was super hot, but I think that was across Europe. The people I would say are not as warm and friendly as in some cultures – perhaps I’m more biased coming from North America. But there are lots of expats in Prague, so it should be easy enough to find English speakers or other international people to hang out with. Life in general is pretty good! It’s definitely a lot cheaper than London and there seems to be a nice culture of hanging out in beer gardens and enjoying the outdoors. Feel free to check out my other blog posts about Prague and let me know if you have any questions!

  6. Meredeth Stucky says:

    Hi, my son is moving to Prague in August to be a prof at the Charles University.

    Please, how did you find your apartment? All I can find are the renovated, high cost apts. He needs two bedrooms but it can be local.

    Great post.

    1. Hi Meredith! Thanks for your comment and congrats to your son on his new position. We found our apartment through a Facebook group. There are quite a few for Prague expats and for Prague rentals. Lots of great tips on there and resources for finding a place, as well as listings. If he’s looking for a two bedroom, that would be a 3+1 or 3+kk. The living room is counted as room in Prague so he would need a “3” (meaning two bedrooms and one living/dining room) and then either a “+1” (kitchen is a separate room) or “+KK” (kitchen corner, where the kitchen is open plan to the living/dining room). A 2+1 or 2+kk would be the equivalent of a one-bedroom apartment in North America. Hope that helps! Feel free to email me if you or your son need more info (my contact info is on the contact page).

  7. Hello!

    I really liked your blog!
    Could you indicate websites where can i find an apartment to rent in prague? and more tips about this, please!!

    Thank you very much!

    1. Thanks so much, Luisa! I had the best luck finding an apartment on Facebook. There are lots of apartment and expat groups for people in Prague looking for housing. Do a quick search on Facebook and join a few of the active ones. Good luck!

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