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  1. kangaroo1964 says:

    Trust you Boo to be so organized and ever the overachiever, all in a very good way! You always amazed me from how you did your homework and projects in public school and high school, to the way your researched going to UBC and budget. You had this incredible spreadsheet that was so well organized and so darn helpful to your Dad and me!

    This spreadsheet sounds amazing and of course like everything else in life, your judgement is impeccable and I trust your research and instinct…you will find the right place for you guys. Unfortunately I haven’t been anywhere other than London, so I can’t offer much, but your pics are so beautiful that I want to visit you in any of those cities! Love this as always! xo Moo

    1. Thanks, moo! Haha I guess I have been organized for a long time. Glad it’s a helpful skill! Looking forward to having you visit us wherever we end up!

  2. Don’t rule out Edinburgh!!! I think it’s worth it to make some of the sacrifices of finding housing in a less-affordable city to live in such a COOL city. Note: my experience is based on visiting for 1 week only…..

    1. That’s one more week than I’ve visited! I definitely don’t want to rule Edinburgh out as it just looks so freaking cool. I would not be upset if we ended up there!

  3. So exciting! As a fellow spreadsheet lover and passionate travel researcher, I loved this. I don’t have much expertise to offer you with regard to UK cities (other than loving Edinburgh and hearing great things about ex-pat life there from a couple friends who made it home for a while), but I will look forward to seeing which one you pick! Either way, it’s nice to know that all of your runners-up will only be a short train ride away if you care to visit! Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much, Gwen! Haha I’m glad there’s a fellow travel spreadsheet lover out there! Yes, Edinburgh is definitely high on our list. And you’re so right – we can easily visit all of the cities we don’t end up living in!

  4. I’m dying to hear where you ended up! A lot of the places on your list are also on my list (my top 5 are actually Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow)

  5. I would have moved to York…..

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