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    1. Thanks for checking it out and liking so many of my posts!

  1. Irelandandelsewhere says:

    Not somewhere that would ever have been on our radar but thanks for sharing, we will add it to our ever growing destination list 😊

    1. Glad I could pique your interest!

  2. Looks a great city to spend some time. Never thought there was so many things to do there. The buildings are lovely! Ellie is having an amazing adventure for sure 😊

    1. Thanks so much, Angela! Nuremberg is definitely worth a visit and Ellie loved it too.

  3. I’m was interested in visiting Nuremburg got its link to the trials, but now I’m also curious about the rally areas. I’m torn between respecting the gravity of their dark past and wanting to repurpose them for something more positive, like an exercise space.

    1. Thanks for checking out the post, Melanie! It’s definitely a very interesting city as you see it grapple with how to respect its dark past but still highlight other features of the city for modern-day locals and visitors. Certainly worth a visit!

  4. Paul (Paul Passing Through) says:

    Great itinerary for Nürnberg. We started our Germany trip here this past Christmas. You didn’t miss too much by not visiting the castle. It was neat but certainly not something that if you don’t do you’re really missing a ton. I agree about Weißgerberggasse! So pretty and I wish there was more! I was surprised at how short it was.

    We also saw some tourists having a photo shoot on the podium at the Zeppelin Airfield. I just don’t get what is going on in some people’s heads when they do things like that. So sad and frankly kind of disgusting.

    1. Thanks so much for reading the post, Paul! Glad you enjoyed Nuremberg too and happy to hear I didn’t miss much in the castle. Appreciate your thoughts on the tourists too!

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