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  1. Thanks so much for reading & commenting! Yes, it is a ton of work. So many little things to think about! But honestly it is all worth it. I hope you have a chance to live in Hungary; I think that would be amazing. We’re hoping to visit there soon!

  2. John Mulindi says:

    Some really helpful travel tips, this will come in handy when am planning my next travel. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beth Gray - the little black ant says:

    Great post – as someone on the other side, that has helped expats to settle in a new home – I can see so many times when they haven’t thought it through completely!
    Good questions!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, there’s certainly a lot of work and things to think through before a big move.

  4. All so true, and definitely a good tip that I don’t think most people consider is the point about having a good safety net when it comes to savings. Moving abroad is expensive–yet you need contingency money for when things go awry at home or in your new place of residence. (Seems obvious, yet so few people consider it!)

    Also, your point about family and friends and staying in touch really resonated with me. I’ve had to “retrain” my family and friends to get on calls or Skype/FaceTime video with me, when they used to just figure we’d catch up when we got together next. Now that we won’t get together as often, I’ve had to be much more proactive in e-mailing and calling… And they’re slowly catching on that they need to reciprocate if they want to stay connected to me. (And we all need to be honest with ourselves that some friends won’t want to stay connected if it means calls and e-mails–and that’s okay. Not all friendships are for lifetimes!)

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Leslie! Yes, it’s surprising how much money you really need for moving abroad. It’s not just the plane ticket! For example, we just got hit with a huge levy from our strata for our apartment back in Vancouver – didn’t see that one coming.

      And so true about keeping in touch. Luckily, my parents are quite used to the Skype/emails thing but it can be tough with friends who you have only ever caught up with in person.

  5. Cindi | aneasyjourney says:

    This article was so well presented- appreciate so much! It has been on our horizon to move to Italy. Our son is on his last year of high school & once he’s off to college, we will definitely go thru this information thoroughly!

    1. Thanks so much, Cindi! Can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming adventure and see where you end up!

  6. rachel frampton says:

    My family and I are planning to move to Canada next year, which is why we’re currently looking for a family immigration attorney that will be able to help us out. Well, you made a pretty good point that obtaining a visa is going to be difficult, and that is why a lawyer’s guidance is needed. We’ll also keep in mind to start looking for good schools and jobs in Canada.

    1. Good luck with your move!

  7. Adam Golightly says:

    My uncle has been thinking about moving internationally because he needs to for work. He has been thinking about how they should start packing to be more organized. Getting some help from a professional could help them to be more effective. Thanks for your tips about how he should get a visa from the company sponsoring him that can be a long-term visa to live and work there.

    1. Thanks for reading! Good luck to your uncle!

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