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  1. Tiffany Pence says:

    That’s really interesting about the real estate lingo. Mexico has a few quirks as well: garage just means a place to aprk your car (covered or uncovered) and many homes have the laundry hookups outside in the backyard or on the roof.

    1. Super interesting! I love learning stuff like that about a new place 🙂

  2. I recently found your blog, and I love it! I visited Prague a couple years ago, and my ex-husband and I moved to Sydney, Australia, sight unseen, way back in 2007! We went on student visas and planned to be there for a year and a half, but we ended up leaving after 3 months.

    Anyway, it’s been years since I’ve lived abroad, but I’ve done it before, and I think I’m getting ready to again! Lots of helpful tips on your site, so thank you!

    1. Thanks so much, Annie! I really appreciate your comment and am so glad you’re enjoying my posts. Australia sounds like it was quite the experience for you! I hope you enjoy your next journey abroad!

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