cherry blossoms blooming in David Lam Park, Yaletown, Vancouver
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Month in Review: March 2022

And just like that, March 2022 has come to an end. While January and February moved kind of slow for me, I found March zoomed by. And I can’t wait for April, warmer weather and more adventures to come!


A big highlight of March 2022 was attending two Canucks games. I’m not a huge sports person and prefer to call myself “hockey fan adjacent” as my husband, Colin, is a big hockey person. But even I love going to a game in person and cheering with the crowds. We had great seats for both games and the games were exciting, but sadly both ended in an overtime loss. It was also very strange to be back in a packed arena with optional masks.

Canucks game in March 2022
Go Canucks Go!

I spent a good week of March putting together travel photo books, which might just be my favourite past time after planning trips. It’s so fun to reminisce over old trips through the photos and perfectly design exactly how you want the book laid out. I’m planning to do a blog post on the pros and cons of each service, as I’ve tried a few now, so stay tuned for that!

I put together books for my mother in law and aunt of our Hawaii trip in January, a book for our honeymoon to the Maritimes, and a long-awaited (and just long in general at 51 pages!) travel book for our year abroad in Prague. I love having these books up on the shelf for us to flip through anytime we want to relive our trips.

Travel photo book of our honeymoon
Sneak peek at our honeymoon photo book!

Lastly, we officially booked our getaway to New York City in May which has been so fun to plan! I can’t wait for Broadway shows, amazing food and lots of parks and museums. And we also started setting up our patio with some new patio furniture. I can’t wait to make use of that space in the summer!


The biggest lowlight of March was the horrible rain we got here in Vancouver. As a 12 year Vancouver resident, I’m no stranger to rain. But this month felt wetter than mosts with days of non-stop rain. Poor Ellie was drowning on her walks!

Update on last month’s lowlight: In January and February, I shared that our living situation was a little bit up in the air. Luckily, that has been resolved and we get to stay in our Yaletown apartment!

Best watch

This month Colin and I discovered two new shows that we’ve fallen in love with. Upload, which just released its second season, and Abbott Elementary, which is currently airing the second half of its first season. Both shows are smart and funny, and incredibly easy to binge-watch. Upload is sci fi, meets rom com, meets mystery novel whereas Abbott is a mockumentary-style comedy.

Upload and Abbott Elementary TV shows

What’s cooking?

March was another yummy month! Highlights of the month included DIY pizzas, chicken pot pie that I made, and a new discovery of a delicious Thai restaurant around the corner from us with $12 lunch specials. Thanks to my friend, Cathy, for introducing me to Zab Zaab Thai Restaurant!

Posts from this month

This month on Teaspoon of Adventure I published:

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For my throwback post of the month, I’m going back to March 2021: Looking Back at Our Expat Year in Prague. March 2022 marks two years since our eventful and abrupt departure from Prague amidst the first chaos of covid. In this March 2021 post, I look back on our (almost) year in Prague and how much that time meant to us. Now, two years later, it’s still one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life!


This is a stretch but I’m going to say two trips to Granville Island count as my travel of the month! Is Granville Island in Vancouver? Yes. Is it within eyesight of my home? Also yes. But it’s technically a destination and we did take a boat (the Aquabus ferry!) both times to visit.

Granville Island is a big tourist place in Vancouver and I hadn’t been in years. But now that we live across the water from it, Colin and I thought it’d be fun to visit and take the little ferry across. We went on a rare sunny Sunday afternoon and enjoyed their famous fish n’ chips. The next weekend, I went back with Colin’s mom and cousins to show them around. It was so fun riding the ferry and checking out the little markets.

family selfie in David Lam Park, Yaletown
Heading to Granville Island!
Taking the aquabus ferry to Granville Island from David Lam Park in Yaletown
All aboard!

Where we have travelled in March:

  • March 2020: Our final trip from our year abroad was a road trip through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. We ended up cutting it short thanks to covid, rushing back to Prague and then deciding to fly back to Vancouver three months early. So March 2020 was certainly a chaotic month of travel!
  • March 2018: We travelled with Colin’s mom to Scottsdale, Arizona to visit Colin’s cousins, celebrate his birthday, take in a few sports games and enjoy some sun and cacti in the middle of winter!
  • March 2014: While studying abroad in 2014 I managed to visit London, Budapest, Geneva and Annecy all in one month. I swear some schoolwork got done too!
United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland in March 201
United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland
Cacti in Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale, Arizona
Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
Lake Bohinj, Slovenia


This month I’m so grateful that Colin finally signed up for an Evo car-sharing membership! For years we’ve talked about looking into it and my good friend, Emilie, has constantly raved about Evo and sent us discount codes. Finally, Colin signed up and already it’s been a lifesaver. We took it home after a rainy Canucks game and drove it halfway to Colin’s mom’s house, saving us a lot of time on transit.

I’m also very grateful that the beautiful spring blooms are starting to come out. The trees in the park across the street from us are looking lush!

Spring blooms and Cherry Blossoms in David Lam Park, Yaletown, Vancouver
Spring has sprung!

Coming up next

April is starting off on an awesome note with a girls weekend away to a spa on the Island! I’m heading to Parksville with some colleagues and I can’t wait for facials, hot tubs and lots of laughs as we watch the Grammys together. I’m also hoping we get some nice weather in April to make use of our new patio furniture!

I hope March 2022 was wonderful for you and April 2022 is even better!


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