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  1. I loved reading this. I guess you don’t think about some of the roots of many traditions but they really are weird to just think “yep, sounds like that’s the way it should be”. I wouldn’t change my name either, and I also don’t see the point in spending a huge sum on one day. I also hate the bouquet throwing. Mostly because at the last wedding I was at I was the only “single” person (not married but in a relationship). Everyone joked they would just give me the bouquet. It was so embarrassing, but also the expectation that single women would want to beat people out the way just to get a bouquet. So good for you for skipping that one.

    1. Aw thanks so much, Emma! It was super fun for me to write. Glad to see we’re on the same page about a lot of things. Yup, bouquet toss is definitely not for me!

  2. No one should be offended. This is your special day. You plan for you and Colin. It will be a day filled with love, I just know it. I am curious, will Ellie be on your small guest list? And, when’s the date? Wishing you a day and lifetime of love and happiness.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Renee! I can’t believe I forgot to mention Ellie. Yes, she will be there!

      1. We skipped some of these traditions, too! No sense in spending money on certain things for a day. I personally just wanted a large engagement party and then do a super small wedding in the Caribbean. I didn’t get my wish, but our wedding was small (50 people), we had an outdoor wedding with no flowers or music (my friend played the wedding march on her iphone) and we had a dinner party at a Mexican restaurant with our choices of wine (we are foodies and wine lovers!). As my father said, the wedding is for you, the reception is for everyone else”. We also didn’t have a registry. We just asked for cash for aour Asia honeymoon (which we took 4 years later). Have a great day for YOU!

        1. Thanks for your comment, Tiffany! Sounds like you still had such a lovely wedding. We’re all about saving for the honeymoon too!

  3. Gustavo A Feliciano says:

    So one big thing we are doing for our wedding is not doing a traditional registry since lets be honest we dont need more things from Target LOL. But we are hoping to setup a plan for people to support our travel abroad fund post wedding! For instance maybe they can purchase our National Park Pass for a year!

    1. Love this! Such a great idea and way better than more stuff you don’t need from Target!

  4. This special day is about the two of you! However you want to celebrate your dream wedding is up to you two! It’s a special day there’s no question in that! So carry on as you wish! Enjoy your special day as you wish! May all your dreams come true! 💖🌺 Much love to you both!🌷

    1. Aw thanks so much, Colleen! We’re so looking forward to it!

  5. Firstly, huge congratulations, that’s such exciting news! And I absolutely love that you’re choosing to skip so many of the usual wedding traditions in favour of styling your own. As you say, it’s your day, it’s about the two of you, and that’s how it should be. Exciting times!

    1. Thank you so much! We’re super excited!

  6. I would love to have a small wedding like this too, or even elope just my partner and I. We do have large family’s but feel that the expensive of a huge wedding is so unnecessary. I think we would book a nice hotel for the evening and spend a night or two away from home, but definitely wouldn’t be splurging out thousands of pounds for just one day. Like you, we’d love to save the money for a fabulous honeymoon instead x

    1. I love the sound of your plans and hope you get to have a great small wedding!

  7. I love posts like this! Always so interesting to hear opinions on traditions. I’d have the same attitude towards the cost too, more to the honeymoon haha!

    1. Thanks, Anika! More honeymoon time is always better!

  8. Jenny in Neverland says:

    Loved reading this! Weddings are so person and so important that you create your wedding exactly how you want it! There are some traditions I would probably want to do but others I wouldn’t bother with. Definitely wouldn’t book a wedding planner – I want to do it all myself!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenny! Agreed, it’s been fun to do the planning ourselves!

  9. Jen Ambrose says:

    We also skipped just about all of those! We had an elopement ceremony at a B&B in Vermont, so it was pretty easy to skip them 😀 We did have a cake as part of our package through the B&B, and the owner baked it. I also have a separate wedding band, but it’s soldered to my engagement ring, and I really like it that way – I’m not sure I would want to wear two separate bands. I’m glad I kept my last name too – the incredible nuisance my friends have gone through changing their names is reason enough not to do it, honestly! Oh, I did my own hair & make-up, but I think the photos would’ve come out so much better if I’d had it done professionally, so that’s definitely a good choice! 🙂

    1. Aw your elopement sounds so perfect! And definitely agreed about skipping the paperwork of name changing. Thanks for telling me more about your choices!

  10. I’ve thought the exact same thing about a lot of these wedding traditions for a very long time. It’s your day – spend it the way you both want to, not the ways in which anyone else says you should because of tradition. And I’d also want to spend all the money I’d save on a wedding on am extra long honeymoon. 😉 I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day celebrating your love! 💟

    1. Aw thanks, Mel! So nice to hear from you! Extra long honeymoon is definitely the goal!

  11. KATHRYN ANG says:

    I agree with Emma and Renee. You don’t question something because it has ‘always’ been this way, and I asked a lot of questions, based on tradition, but never questioned why it was done this way and how outdated they may be. And true, no one should be offended, it’s yours and Colin’s wedding. I always loved the practical side of you (you guys), so I knew I wouldn’t have a problem with it, and it will be a beautiful day, just the way you plan it. Excited and happy! 💖

    1. Thanks, Moo! Excited and happy too 🙂

  12. Congratulations on your engagement! And I love how you are doing things your own way! That’s how a wedding should be. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Samantha Byers (formerly Jandl) says:

    No one should be offended by what your choices are for your wedding! I do have three considerations I would give you, but wouldn’t be offended if you ignored all of them!

    1) Registry: think about making a small one. There are going to be a few people who don’t get the message of not needing stuff, and they will buy you some random something you REALLY don’t want. Better to have it be something from a registry so it’s something that you actually need/want to upgrade. Also Bed Bath and Beyond gives you 20% off everything in the store after your wedding, and that includes all the brands that are normally excluded. (We bought a Dyson for 20% off at ours)

    2) Cake: if you love cake, think about getting a small one. There’s no other time you’re going to be able to justify spending that much on a professional cake. Le Gateau on Hastings by the PNE was amazing and we had two flavours – chocolate banana and strawberry prosecco. I sometimes dream about that cake. It was also under $500, even though it was 3 tiers and included a $100 delivery fee to Squamish.

    3) Videographer – the one regret I have/thing I would do over was deciding that I couldn’t justify the cost of a videographer. We splurged on our photographers and love our pictures, but wish that we had that video to rewatch each year, show our future kids, etc.

    1. Hey Sam – so nice to hear from you! Thank you for checking out the post and for your great advice. You make some good points and I’ll definitely think these over!

  14. Lynn Mejia says:

    Great post, Riana! I don’t think you offended anyone at all and if they were offended then that’s on them haha! Each and every wedding should be tailored to what you want. I did a big wedding on a budget and it worked. Lots of my friends have just eloped or didn’t get married at all or had a grand wedding and all works as long as its what you and your partner want! Super happy for you and I hope you both have an amazing day <3

    1. Thanks, Lynn! Agreed – as long as it’s what you and your partner want! Thank you so much!

  15. I can’t remember if I congratulated you on your engagement already. I probably did. xD Anyway, congratulations. 😀

    I have to be honest, I was with you until you said you weren’t going to have cake at your wedding. I was like :O BUT THERE HAS TO BE CAKE DAMN IT. I don’t care for the tradition of cutting the cake at a wedding or anything. I just like cake. :p

    1. Thank you! Haha I’m definitely a cake fan too so if there’s not a traditional cake, there will definitely be cake at some point around the wedding weekend.

  16. Congratulations!! Weddings are so personal and different, I’m glad we can all pick and choose which traditions we want and don’t want. I wasn’t too surprised by the majority of these other than the cake and the rings. Although I don’t wear any rings and I’m quite minimal with my jewellery too so I feel you on the not wanting to wear two thing. I hope there’s A CAKE even if there’s no traditional wedding cake? x


    1. Thanks so much, Sophie! Haha if there’s not a wedding cake there will definitely be lots of tasty desserts!

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