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  1. kangaroo1964 says:

    It always amazes me how well you capture the mood and ambiance of each adventure you embark on with all the necessary details, yet it’s concise and makes me want to keep reading and longing for the story not to end just yet…even though I was on this adventure, lol.

    What a BIG trip we managed to squeeze into such a short period. To do it again, we would add in just 2-3 more days so the travel part could’ve been broken up so it wouldn’t have been as taxing on the body, and more time to spend in one place so it wouldn’t have felt as rushed.

    But I agree, it was a big success for a first-time train trip with a group of 4 and Margie and I only having met once a year and a half ago over dinner and even Colin and I haven’t spent too much time together. We did very well, sure ate well and took in a lot in 6 days.

    Loved spending time with you too Boo, and thank you for everything you did to help out with coordinating accommodations and keeping us on track; thanks so much to Margie and Colin for driving and taking care of us; thanks to you and Colin for keeping the otherwise technically challenged moms in the know, and I am grateful for having spent this adventure with the three of you. How special it has been…”mommy and me adventure express” and as Margie remarked, these opportunities come up rarely and we can never tell what tomorrow will bring, so we must seize them now. So glad we did, so much fun with all of you – thank you for being a part of this adventure with me! 😊 🌸 💜

    1. Riana.AngCanning says:

      Hi Moo 🙂 Thanks for reading!
      Yes, would be nice to have stretched out the trip and make it more relaxing between travel dates. Oh well, next time! It still wasn’t too stressful.
      Loved spending time with you too! What an awesome trip 🙂 Very glad we got to have that experience all together. Enjoy the rest of your adventure! Love you!

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