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  1. What a fantastic interview! I love Nele, I’ve followed her for absolutely ages but it was nice to delve deeper into her travel experiences and memories! xxx

    1. Nele is the best! Thanks, Jenny!

  2. Kelly Diane says:

    I love travelling and exploring new places. It was great to learn so much about Nele too.

    1. So fun to hear from other travellers!

  3. Thanks so much again for having me on here! Had a lot of fun answering your questions c:

    1. Thanks for participating, Nele! It was awesome to learn more about your travels!

  4. This was lovely to read! So nice to hear from another blogger and learn more about her travels! xx

  5. Nice to know more about Nele and how the travel bug bit her. I wish my parents had the same love she had. They really nurtured hers.

    1. Thanks, John! Yes, so awesome when parents can nurture the love of travel from a young age.

  6. Such a great read – I’m from Manchester too and I definitely agree with how creative the city is x

    1. Thanks, Heather. I can’t wait to visit Manchester!

  7. I would love to travel more and explore the world xx

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Hope you get to!

  8. Sophie Wentworth says:

    I love Nele’s work, and I’ve followed her pretty much since I started my blog so it was nice to read a little more. I totally agree with her on the stigma around the industry in general and how little understanding there is in the effort that goes in. Kinda jealous that she got a trip in just before lockdown too…x


    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Sophie. Nele is awesome and definitely brought up some great points about problems in travel blogging.

  9. Nice to hear about Nele. I hope you will visit more places and share your stories more. Thanks for this blog.

  10. This was such a great interview! I loved learning about Nele!

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