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  1. Kathryn Ang says:

    I love the Season in Review approach; helps me recall more fond memories about the past few months I may have forgotten, so it’s a lovely surprise to be able ot say “oh ya, I remember that”, while putting a big smile on my face.

    Congrats Boo, on getting acceptance on your pitched travel stories, and the published on for Sweets Hotel! It’s also wonderful you got some new work in copyright and project management which you are happy about.

    I didn’t know you guys put your patio furniture together and have been enjoying it in this glorious weather we’ve had for almost all of May and June. I can’t wait to see it and share a meal out on it. You make a refreshing beverage to sip on and I will bring the food 😋

    Thanks for another great read!
    Love, Moo 💛

    1. Thanks so much, Moo! And yes, will have to have you over for a BBQ on the patio soon. And you can’t bring the food – we need an excuse to use our BBQ!

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