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  1. Nikki - Notes of Life says:

    It’s been years since I visited Paris (though I stayed with a penpal at the time), but I would love to go again.

    All the best for the new year!

  2. Jodea DeJong says:

    Thanks Riana. I checked out several of the hotels you recommend and they’ve all pretty much doubled in price and I’m looking at early April 2024. Even the hostel is over $70 (CAD) per night.
    Crazy that they’ve gone up this much since you wrote this post!

    1. Thanks so much for checking it out, Jodea! The prices I posted here are the lowest I could find – either on the hotel’s website or using a hotel booking site – so I could say “prices start from…” as I do for each entry. So they’re not the price for the day I was writing this post, as it wouldn’t make sense to look up prices for that night or even a few weeks out (holiday period). Sadly, it’d be impossible to share prices you’d find at all times of year since the rates vary so much. Sucks to hear that early April is already so expensive though. I expect with the 2024 Paris Olympics, prices are going to be high in Paris all year. Hope you find something in your budget and enjoy your trip!

  3. same here! prices are four times expensive.

    1. Hi Dario, thanks for checking out the post! As I mentioned above, it would be impossible for me to accurately have the prices for each hotel for your specific vacation dates. I used the phrase “prices starting from…” which indicates that these are the lowest prices available. I did verify that all of these low prices do exist, but of course can’t promise they will be this low for every reader’s travel dates. Especially if you’re travelling to Paris this summer for the Olympics, most of these hotels will be charging more. Hope the post was still helpful!

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