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  1. Lyn (aka Jazz) says:

    I agree with so much you’ve written here. There are many ways and reasons to travel, and each is valid. My choices are made for a variety of reasons and circumstances, which leads to different ways to travel: sometimes we just want a break, other times we want to explore. Sometimes, a quick trip is perfect, and other times, we want to enjoy slow exploration.

    My personal choices reflect my nerdy fascinations and preferences, which may make others’ eyes glaze over — as their choices may do the same for me. I try not to be judgy but in my secret petty heart, I will admit photo shoots in crowded locations where the “model” is taking over annoy (and sometimes amuse) me.

    Interesting discussion!

  2. Great post Riana!
    I was nodding along the whole way through.

    I guess the only time other tourists really annoy me is when people do what you joked at the end – block the shot. So if you’ve hiked for hours to a viewpoint it’s rubbish if someone is spending half an hour blocking the best view so they can capture their perfect photo. Oooh now I think about it, there are two things that annoy me – folks that don’t leave no trace (so they litter/feed wild animals/play music loudly) also make me a bit mad.

    Having said that, I think most people would hate the way we travel – we go somewhere famous and then leave right away to get out to the mountains/countryside. 😉

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