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  1. Melissa Fierro says:

    Curious to know where/ how you find cheap flights to Europe?

  2. Very interesting post! I’ve never even thought of debt as an issue when doing things in life that cost money, as long as the debt is something that you pay off regularly without problems. I’m totally with you here, debt, as in mortgages and student loans, can’t stop you from living your life. When we lived in Sweden and had a mortgage on the house, we still went to Italy every year. We still paid every month on the house. If you have problems paying off your plan, then of course you can’t have money to travel either.

    1. Absolutely! It seems like debt is a reality for many people these days – especially things like mortgages and student loans. Even credit card debt is a reality of life for some people. Definitely agree that it’s about having a plan and making your payments so you can still live your life.

  3. Mel - Your Travel Handbook says:

    I think that is quite a balanced approach you have there 🙂

  4. Not letting travel put you in debt is definitely the most important point here, there are so many trips I’d love to take but I just cannot afford them right now and I would much rather save up now than go into debt just to afford them.

    Luckily the only debt I have is student loans so that doesn’t affect my travel plans at all!

    1. Agreed! Makes much more sense to save up for some of those pricy trips rather than go in debt to make them happen.

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