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  1. kangaroo1964 says:

    Love it, all so true and great advice!!! I loved the things that irk you, same for me, that’s when you know you’re definitely my child.

    1. Haha, I definitely am!

  2. Ugh, so much yes to your final point about not crowding the boarding area! It drives me absolutely insane and makes it hard to tell when you’re cutting in front of someone who is supposed to be boarding or just elbowing through the masses who are waiting to be the first person to board in Group 7.

    My rant aside, these are great tips! I’m so grateful for the US’s TSA PreCheck program that allows me to zip through security without removing my shoes, jacket, liquids, or electronics – it’s worth every penny! I also highly recommend downloading airline apps to facilitate downloading boarding passes and receiving updates on gate changes and delays. Thanks for sharing your airport expertise!!

    1. So glad I’m not the only one who hates the crowding at the gate! And yes, pre-check seems awesome. I gotta look into an option like that for Canadians. And great tip about the airline app!

  3. Girl I HATE when people crowd the gate. Like they’ll stand there for 20 minutes before they even make an announcement to start boarding. Drives me nuts! Haha

    1. Yes! It’s the absolute worst. I can kind of understand it these days since so many people are bringing giant carry-ons (to avoid those checked bag fees) and they want to make sure they get the overhead space. But still, there’s no need to stand up before any announcements begin. That’s just crazy!

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