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  1. Charlotte Louise says:

    Wow! This blog post was amazing. Some really great tips that I will definitely be using in the future. Keep at it. Incredibly helpful 🙌🏻

  2. I definitely always bring the travel sized toiletries, but mostly because I’m lazy and hate having to make a trip out to find them whenever I get where I’m going (also I usually forget to do so and end up having to use hotel shampoos etc, so there’s that hahah). And, I always bring snacks. I’m never not snacking on a plane haha!

    1. Nice! You should give a hard shampoo bar a try for your next trip. They last way longer than the little toiletries and don’t add to your liquids. And yes to snacks!

      1. JoJo Hall says:

        Yess! This is such a great post because it’s so true. Less is more and once you e gotten the hang of packing light and being a minimalist, you don’t go back! I love packing light with carry-on only, I couldn’t imagine checking in bags and having so much when I travel.

        1. Thanks so much, JoJo! It is so nice to pack and travel light!

  3. Totally agree! I’m of the mind that whatever I think I need–and I’m already a lean packer–I can usually reduce by a third. So I try to lay everything out the day before and then look at it again when I’m zipping it into my cubes and putting it in my suitcase and REALLY ask myself whether it’s necessary. And even then, I often get home and realize I could have cut out even more stuff!

    1. Yes, I definitely do that too! Nice work on keeping things so minimal!

      1. travelforawhile says:

        A lot of useful tips, I’l give that solid shampoo a chance after all. Granola bars are life-savers!

        1. Thanks so much, Anda! Definitely try out the shampoo bar. And couldn’t agree more on granolar bars – we just went to a grocery store here in Budapest to restock!

  4. The Newbury Girl says:

    OMG I needed this – I am a chronic over-packer. I totally agree with you on the compression bags – I can never get them to work effectively and they never work on the return trip home anyways. I have mixed feelings on travel sized toiletries because of the flying restrictions but love your suggestion to opt for a reusable toiletry bottle instead. Will need to reference this list the next time I travel!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Glad to hear I’m not alone on the compression bags. Yes, the reusable bottles are great and you should definitely check out the solid products too. The shampoo bar from Lush has been a game changer for me.

      1. The Newbury Girl says:

        I love the LUSH shampoo bars too!! Great for travel and for sensitive scalps!!

    2. I’m always a big packer, the idea of travelling with just hand luggage makes me feel a little bit uneasy. I was fully expecting to be sat here reading a checklist of things I always take but I was laughing at most of them. Bedding?! People take bedding?! I do have one of those beauty bags with 9 million compartments and I do fill it…and use 90% of what I take and being vegan and gluten free, I find food quite hard in a lot of places so always bring snacks and stuff to keep me going. But I think that’s all I’m guilty of. I don’t get compression bags either. I have a hard enough time sticking to the weight limit without them 😂X


      1. Thanks for reading, Sophie! I’m definitely a minimalist when it comes to clothing, toiletries and beauty products – which usually make up the better part of most bags. But totally agree that some of this stuff is crazy. I remember being told to bring silk bed sheets with me to hostels and I was just shaking my head. You should check out the blog Legal Nomad. Jodi, who writes it, is GF and she has lots of great food guides!

  5. travelingwithmiriandmargo says:

    Emergency granola bars and snacks is 100% a must for me. Mostly because I get hangry and am no fun to be around at that point. A couple other musts are hand sanitizers and tissues – you never know when you won’t be able to find toilet paper!

    1. I’m the exact same! Always got to have a granola bar on hand. And very true about hand sanitizer and tissues. I always have those in my purse so didn’t even think to include them in this post but great point.

  6. Clazz - An Orcadian Abroad says:

    YES!! I agree with literally every one of these haha. “Just say no to selfie sticks” hahahaha YES! I was going to point out padlocks for hostel lockers but you even covered that. 🙂 And also I love my microfibre travel towel. I really regret not having one for my first big backpacking trip!

    1. Thanks so much! So glad to hear my list is making sense!

  7. This is all spot on! Theres so many unnecessary things you can buy in the travel industry but ultimately there are some key essentials you just have to have. The rest is just extra weight to lug around! When I first started travelling I remember packing loads of things, just in case. Now I’m much better and just go for what I need. Plus, in most places you can buy something you forgot!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Definitely something you get better at over time. And yes, you can usually buy whatever you need when you arrive.

  8. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I take my luggage scale, my foot sling that attaches to the tray table in front of me, and some food items.
    The majority of my travel is visiting family overseas, so I often return with more or different stuff than I came with. Gifts, mostly. I have an incredibly limited diet for medical reasons (it’s not a choice) and I can’t eat something that I’m not sure of. I carry meal replacement shakes and bars that comply with my stupid dietary restrictions. The foot sling is not important to most people, but because I have short little legs that don’t touch the floor completely in my airplane seat, I need it. It prevents the circulation in my legs from being restricted on 17 hour flights. My son, who is 5’8″ would not need it, nor would my 6’2″ husband, but I do.
    Not everyone travels for adventure. Some of us travel to visit family, or for work. Each type of travel entails different stresses and requirements.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Jen! Definitely different strokes for different folks. As cheeky as I may have been through this article, I’m certainly not saying every person going on every trip should only follow my advice. Sounds like you know yourself and your travel needs well, and have found what works for you. That’s awesome! Happy travels!

  9. very useful tips, i have tried myself.

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