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  1. kangaroo1964 says:

    Love that you are so self-aware and honest with yourself (and us). I think you’ve been amazing taking this big step and plunging right into the thick of things without even a transition period, and doing it successfully, congrats! I think you hit the nail right on, you’ll find your groove and it will evolve. All the things you listed make sense…carving out set hours, getting dressed and making that ‘work time’, but also knowing with such a creative job, it can’t always be set hours because creativity won’t wait…it just pops into your head and you have to put pen to paper. So perhaps simply focus on putting in a set number of hours daily, but not necessarily specific set hours of the day. It may be 3 hours here, and 2 hours there, then another hour or 2 here and there (; Also keep in mind your hours in a more creative field is measured by how much is accomplished and not by how many hours you put in. Working smart and not just working hard. How productive are you, what is produced? Anyway, I know you are already doing a fabulous job, but get that there’s always room for growth and learning to do things more effectively and efficiently. Much love! Moo

    1. Riana.AngCanning says:

      Thanks, moo! Good idea to have a set number of hours per day and yes, always making sure to work smart and not just hard. Love you! Thanks for the good advice.

  2. Mel & Suan says:

    Indeed. If only we can find the balance!

  3. Life Talk Tracks says:

    Its very hard to find the right balance. But once you do, it will make a huge difference in your life. Feel free to take a look at my most recent post regarding finding that balance.

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