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  1. Kate werth says:

    That looks all so amazing! Black sand?? It looks so sinister! But id def go behind the falls, even if I was drenched!

    1. I’ve never thought of the black sand as sinister, but I can see it! And yes, going behind the falls is very cool.

  2. It is so cool that you get to travel the world. I’m not a fan of cold weather so I’ve never wanted to visit Iceland. But I do love waterfalls, so you have introduced me to an aspect of the country I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s not as cold as you might think! Much milder than some winters I’ve experienced at home and totally fine in the summer. I hope you make it there one day!

  3. Jackie S. says:

    I have such wanderlust for Iceland as this place is on my bucket list. Chasing waterfalls is one of my favorite things to do and I’m thrilled to see that Iceland has many waterfalls to visit. The cascading falls from behind the Seljalandsfoss​ waterfall is stunning. What a view. ​Look forward to a road trip through Iceland soon.

    1. I hope you make it! Iceland is beautiful and the perfect place for chasing waterfalls.

  4. Federica Provolenti says:

    It looks a very interesting part of the island. In which period of the year have you been there and which one would you recommend?

    1. I’ve been to Iceland in October and January. I’d probably recommend fall if you want to see some snow but not too cold and still enough daylight. I haven’t been in summer but have heard it’s pretty then too with lots of sunlight hours.

  5. Tanya Geno says:

    Wow the pictures of the waterfalls are breath taking

  6. Jen @ JENRON DESIGNS says:

    Wow what a great adventure, the pictures from behind the waterfall are spectacular!

  7. kangaroo1964 says:

    Wonderful read Boo, always appreciate the beautiful pics you capture and the ones with the two of you are so darn cute! I’m in awe by the foss and your description of the road trip you guys did…nature at it’s best. One day I have to get there!!!

    1. Thanks, Moo! Definitely will have to get there one day!

  8. Nice! I hope I can go to Iceland one day, looks like a nice place to go on an adventure 🙂

    1. It’s gorgeous! I hope you do make it.

  9. Heather Wicksted says:

    Looks like the place to go if you want to see lots of waterfalls! It also looks a little bit chilly, but not so super full of people. What time of the year were you there? I have heard that Iceland is deathly expensive, did you find the cost of the rental car and the fish and chips to be overpriced? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, definitely the place to go and not as cold as you might think. This trip was in October and I’ve been in January as well. Yes, it is expensive. Not the place to do shopping or go out to eat a ton. But renting a car and fish n chips were okay – more expensive than elsewhere but not awful.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I went to Iceland last summer and absolutely loved the South Coast…..well I loved the whole country! My favorite part of the south coast was probably doing a glacier hike on Solheimajokull glacier, even though it was a little scary, lol! I did everything with tour groups on the South Coast (which ended up being really good), but I would like to return again one day and drive the ring road independently. Then I could make some extra stops like the fish and chips place like you suggested.

    1. Yes, the glacier was awesome! Very cool to see it – and to see how much it had changed since I was out there in 2014. I would also love to do a full Ring Road roadtrip. It’s on the bucket list!

  11. Namita Kulkarni says:

    Ahhh love these pics and all things Iceland! This country has been on my list for the longest time now and your words make me want to go right this minute. Especially to stand behind that waterfall and have that view through it. The black sand beach and the Skogafoss waterfall too look unmissable! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading! I hope you make it to Iceland one day soon!

  12. Kathleen C says:

    Oh man, this sounds so fantastic! Your photos are amazing! Iceland is on my bucket list, a rather new addition, and this will be one of the things I do for sure. I’d love to walk behind a waterfall, even if I get wet. I’m guessing rain ponchos would be a plus. Love this!

    1. You would need full body ponchos but yes, well worth it. I hope you make it to Iceland one day soon!

  13. I’ve never been to Iceland and I really want to go. Your photos of all the floss’s (is that the plural of floss?) are amazing. One day I’ll make it there and see all the amazing waterfalls for myself

    1. Haha I like “fosses” as the plural. Not sure if that’s correct in Icelandic but I’ll take it! I hope you make it there one day soon!

  14. I visited Iceland last year and the way it worked out I only had time to see Reykjavik. I really wanted to visit the rest of Iceland and Skogafoss in particular. Your pictures look absolutely amazing! I’ll have to add Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss to my must visit list

    1. Aw, you’ll have to go back! I hope you get to soon.

  15. Nicole Hunter says:

    What beautiful photos and scenery that you got to see. I love the idea of walking behind the waterfall. I would totally do that. It looks like you packed a lot into your day but it looks well worth the drive!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! Yes, busy day but so worth it!

  16. Vikki Dugger says:

    Awesome post! I visited Iceland last April. It was a little chilly but I loved every minute! I did the entire Ring Road. Akureyi was my favorite city/ town we stopped in. It’s up north. Definitely give it a stop if you do the Ring Road! It was so cute with a huge church (gotta count the steps up to the front door) and a large garden and so many stores. Also, I wanted to let you know the cool rocks that look like they sprouted up from the black sand is called basalt columns. There’s actually some place where you can go climbing on them. A little sketchy on the safety part (it would’ve sucked to have fallen between any of them) but it was fun. The plane wreck is meh and y’all probably totally passed by it. However, you have to walk several miles (I think 3.5) from where you park to get to it. It just looked like a gutted plane. But apparently Bieber filmed a music video there so it’s a popular spot to check out. There was also another wreck you could check out at another beach. It was a shipping wreck though. That one was a little more interesting because there were parts all over the beach that had been washed up and I was impressed that tourists have left stuff alone. Glacier hiking is super fun. While I was out on the glacier, we heard a calving (yep, that’s what they call it when a chunk of ice breaks off). The only other thing I would mention is that there is a small waterfall not mentioned on any of the typical tourist stuff that has a “magical” rock behind it. You go behind the waterfall, make a wish, kiss the rock. I think only locals know about it. So it was kind of a neat experience that not many people get to do. I cannot wait to go back… when I have the $$$$!

    1. Thank you for all of these great tips! I can’t wait to go back and drive the Ring Road one day – will definitely visit Akureyi. And good to know we didn’t miss much with the plane. Will have to go back to find the shipwreck and the magical rock! Thanks!

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